Luxury Oil

  • Problem

    The blond hair suffers more than any other hair because the bleaching process is aggressive and has a lower amount of the other colors hair melanin, which results in an increased brittleness. Because of this increased fragility must be intensified care to prevent hair will not break up and fall. Split ends and frizz the hair is also very bad.

    There are on the market a huge amount of oil, phowever most of them are not especially for blonde hair, That why, sometimes it let the hair heavy. Oothers create a resin on the hair, forming a film of residues that hinder the absorption of nutrients and leave the hair without life.


    Luxury Oil, the name says everything, in its formula a cocktail of three natural oils (Ojon, Camellia and Argan) in a rare composition with texture instantly absorbed by the hair without leaving residue.

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