• Light and Powerful!

    In this formula a mix of three natural oils (Ojon, Camellia and Argan) In a rare composition with texture instantly absorbed by the hair without leaving residue. Amazing touch dry. Multiple benefits in an luxury presentation.

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  • Get to know Blond D’or

    The blond hair never go out of fashion, instead they earn every year new models and colors, and women who do not give up the blond hair are always watching these trends and news.

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  • Blond D’or Actives

    The best to the blonds, Damaged hair because of the chemical is very bad for any woman. Therefore assets really effective for that specific type of hair and is extremely vital to Blonde.

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  • Quick results

    More efficiently in less time. What the best beauty professionals looking through hair treatments beyond results. QUICK RESULTS. Thinking about it, the Blond D’or line…

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High impact treatment with Caviar

Caviar D’Luxe is high performance in hair treatments

  • Caviar D’luxe

    For those with dyed or chemically treated hair, and looking for a new treatment to renew the vitality of the hair strands, can already bet on hydration which is a Luxury Oil.

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  • Biotermia

    Amazing Results! Now get know the revolutionary Revitalizing Hair Therapy in only one application is equivalent to 5  cauterization.

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  • Caviar on your hair

    Caviar extract is applied to the hair a raw noble. It is a powerful, extraordinary and rebuilder of capillary structure

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