About us

Conquer your real value

More than a cosmetic industry, much more than a simple tag. Vangard Brazil Cosmetics is a luxury brand, behavior, a philosophy of life!
Inspired by the movement of the  European Vanguard in early 1900, a milestone for artistic expression, futurism beyond, beyond Expressionism, Surrealism, modernism, contemporary, up top, Vangard Brazil Cosmetics.
Strongly positioned as a company concerned to meet in all its fullness the needs of hairdressers, the Vangard Brazil Cosmetics develops complete lines, with real cost benefit and perceived results in the first application!

  • The Crown

    Our brand is symbolized by a crown, that means elementary definition of position and leadership, symbol of nobility!
    Having a crown as a symbol is nothing more than an obligation to treat our customers like kings and queens how our hairdressers!

  • The Infrastructure

    Own head office located in the Industrial Pole of Aparecida de Goiânia, Goiás, in an area of ​​10.000m2 in modern facilities.
    Able to produce and bottling all products, the Vangard Brazil Cosmetics follow the strictest quality standards.
    Integrity, innovation, technological cutting edge research in the heart of Brazil to the world!

  • Slogan

    “Conquer your real value”
    Our slogan is reflected in all aspects of business, from the board directors to the customer, crowning them like a true kings and queens, showing them your real value.
    Faithfully believe in valuing people as the main factor of our success.