Blond D’or line

Take a trip through the Blond D'or universe

More than a line…

  • Blond D’or is a complete
    treatment system for blonde hair.

    When we developed the Blond D’or line, we consider each essential element for optimum care and treatment of blond hair. Cold, warm, natural colors worn by the excesses of chemical or not. And we challenge to find the best and most innovative formula possible for each of those. The result was something really new.


    Powerful actives

    Higher efficiency in shortest time

    What’s the best beauty professionals looking through hair treatments is beyond results. It’s a fastest results! Thinking about it,  the Blond D’or line has been specially designed with a blend of the best and most efficient active in the world market, formulated and stabilized at high concentrations to accelerate results and boost the benefits.


    known as grain mother of the ancient Incas (Incas Gold), the Quinoa is a powerful source of vegetable protein. Gluten-free, free of parabens and fully water soluble, the Quinoa PRO EX is a highly substantive to hair asset confers repair and damage control, as well as improves brightness and depth reconstruction, by acting on both internal portion as the external wires. Additionally promotes color retention in oxidative hair dye after multiple washes.


Amino Acid Blend

All the benefits of Quinoa Pro EX, was added to the formulation a powerful blend (Nano Exclusive Active) containing 19 amino acids at high concentration with repair functions and hydration, including the aspartic acid (10,9%), glutamic acid (17,9%), arginine (5,7%) and serine (7,7%).

The results are seen in the first application, But its continued use to get great results in combing, shine, brightness and color retention hair.

Fabulous Trio Vegetable Oils

ONE is bit, TWO is good, but THREE is perfect!

    1. Before
    2. After

    Ojon Oil

    The Caribbean miracle
    • Reconstruction
    • Fortification
    • Brightness

    Extracted from Chestnut of Honduras, (Caribbean Oil) is popularly known as Caribbean miracle.

    1. Before
    2. After

    Argan Oil

    The Gold of Morocco
    • Hydration
    • Silkiness
    • Softness

    Mined in the Moroccan desert a fruit that blossoms on the tree with the same name, is considered gold liquid in the region

    1. Before
    2. After

    Camellia Oil

    Oriental treasure
    • Fortification
    • Rapid Hydration
    • Amazing touch dry

    Widely used in countries like Japan and China. Extracted from the seeds of the flower Camellia sinensis and japonica.

    1. Before
    2. After
  • Brightness and Protection

    LUMINOUS REFLEX & SOLAR PROTECTION is a complex liquid rock crystal, special UV filters, silicone oils and apricot. This innovative technology at the Blond D’or line, offers a luxurious soft and shiny hair surface and protected from the harmful effects caused by Ultra Violet rays.

Compare and Choose Blond D’or

The results are clear, Blond D’or is better compared to other international brands

  • Shampoo Silver Blond D’or (Yellowish elimination / Fastest progress)
    Shampoo Silver Blond D’or (Hair aggression)
    Shampoo Gold Blond D’or (Hair aggression)
    Balm Restore Blond D’or (Restorative power)
    Mask Gold Blond D’or (Power of nutrition and hydration)
  • Shampoo Silver from other Brands (Yellowish elimination / Fastest progress)
    Shampoo Silver from other Brands (Hair aggression)
    Blond hair shampoo from Other Brands (Hair aggression)
    Other Brands restorers products (Restorative power)
    Other Brands Masks (Power of nutrition and hydration)