• What is Biotermia?

    Cauterization is a thing of the past, the innovation is Biotermia. It is a treatment for Reconstruction Luxury Hair and effective. Reproduces the properties of restructuring and revitalization of Caviar and associated (Amarula Oil and sericina Nano Particles), on the first application providing a surprising result! Visibly healthier with greater resistance and incomparable brilliance. Deeply nourished hair. Has no contraindications, is not chemistry. It’s a treatment. Only one Biotermia is equivalent to 5 cauterization.

Who is it for?

For all people who want hair well treated, super nourished and natural shine.

It is compatible with all types of hair. Especially recommended for damaged hair, dehydrated, weakened by chemical processes, repetitive use of brush and flat iron or by overexposure to the sun.

Application Protocol

Check out all the step by step revolutionary Therapy Revitalizing Hair


Hair diagnostic

The first step before the application is to perform a diagnosis of the capillary thread to see which line is the most recommended for the type of hair:
Caviar D’Luxe Light: Indicated for hair with oily roots and dry ends. Structure thinner.
Caviar D’Luxe Absoluta: Indicated for dry hair from root to tip. Structure thicker and also afros.
After identified the type of hair, Continue procedures. The application procedure consists of seven steps and occurs in three stages:
1º – Washbasin. , 2º – Chair e 3º – Finishing. Follow the procedures in full and revel in the brilliant result!

Step 1
  • Washbasin. – Shampoo Zero Resíduos

    Deep cleansing of the hair and scalp

  • .

    Wash hair with shampoo Zero Resíduos Caviar D’Luxe. By being minty, it promotes a refreshing action, performing a deep cleaning, detoxification and cleansing of hair and scalp. Also combat dandruff and scalp disorders, helps in hair growth. Then rinse well.

Step 2
  • Washbasin – Shampoo Light ou Absoluto

    Cleaning with treatment

  • .

    Wash hair with shampoo indicated for the type of hair again (Light or Absoluto). Shampoos Caviar D’Luxe line cleaning without damaging the wires, now begins the process of treatment, moisturizing the hair with Caviar. The product fragrance is a fine detail, inspired by a fine French perfumery. Then rinse well.

Step 3
  • Washbasin – Mask and Conditioner

    Super conditioning and nutrition

  • .

    Apply the appropriate Conditioner (Light or Absoluto) for correction of the static charge and rinse. Then apply the mask (Light or Absoluta) and leave it for at most 05 minutes. Afterwards, rinse well.

Step 4
  • Chair – Bálsamo Perox or Hidrox

    Bio thermal neutralization

  • .

    Apply the balm multifunction (Perox – only for blond hair | Hidrox – universal) strand by strand, massaging the hair strands. Heat gently using a hair dryer. At this stage neutralized, nourishing and normalizing the pH of the hair, depositing proteins via phospholipids and pear nectar. Do not rinse.

Step 5
  • Chair – Elixir Power Dose

    Bio Thermal Reconstructor

  • .

    Apply balm on replenishing the hair mass, Elixir Power Dose, especially in the most sensitized areas, Lightly massaging and heating the hair with the dryer. This procedure increases to five times the resistance of the hair. Then rinse well.

Step 6
  • Finishing – Gloss, Power Dose e Sérum

    Pearly brush

  • .

    Apply a small amount of product Gloss Leave-in from Caviar D’Luxe line, small sprayed of Elixir Power Dose from Caviar D’Luxe line and two to three drops of Sérum Block from Caviar D’luxe line. Brush and shape as desired, bringing the pearlescent effect with treatment, brightness and sealing the cuticle.

Step 7
  • Finishing – Sérum Shine

    Bio shines with term protection enabled

  • .

    After the modeled hair, apply 2 or 3 sprayed the Sérum Shine to spray nano silicon particles and Caviar. If you wish to use the straightened hair , Apply Sérum Shine on the hair strands for thermal protection.