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  • Become a distributor of cosmetics is an option for those who appreciate the best business opportunity nowadays and are interested in the beauty industry. According to ABIPEHC -Brazilian Association of Perfumery and Cosmetics Industry: Brazil has the second largest market segment in the world, an average growth of 10.9% in the last 12 years, employing about 6 million people. Through this market can offer numerous possibilities and benefits of income and cosmetic products easy to remain in demand. 

Exclusive Advantages

    • Quality Assurance

      You are about to invest in the fastest growing industry in the world. The cosmetic. Acting in promising business. Work behalf a brand that is reference. Offer complete programs of solutions for all type of customer hairs. Total support and quality assurance market. Working with fashion, qualification and innovation, along with eco-efficiency and still have ample support for your business with the unique expertise of Vangard BRAZIL COSMETICS. All these factors add up to quality assurance.

    • Complete Line

      Our products are made with analyzes of treatment with specific and complete solutions for every type of hair. The great advantage of the brand is to provide, in addition to the expected result, the treatment of the hair through new and diferent assets in the cosmetics market. Currently we are the only company in the heart of Brazil that has the technology to industrialize full color hair products, and other products bringing a very complete line of professional beauty cosmetic.

    • Consolidated brand

      With impressive numbers the cosmetics market moved approximately $ 42 Billion in the last year. Over 10 years in the beauty market, the VANGARD BRAZIL COSMETICS not only is inserted, but also shows the real value, leaving the company in evidence and Highlighted. The international quality of products and services, together with the ability to innovate and bring to market products with campaigns, marketing strategy and efficiency is a Vangard deferential to you. The result has cooperated in the percentage of the average of the sector in the latest years.

    • High Rentability

      A serious company able to bring high quality products to all customers, the VANGARD BRAZIL COSMETICS offers you the unique opportunity to become a distributor with numerous opportunities for professional and financial growth. Vangard gives you a plan of exclusive operating area to product sales. We provide you with unlimited earning proportional through for your own dedication included your team. We invest in dreams and goals of our distributors, offering opportunities with different goals and objectives with the same optimal growth that best fits your client through you. And more! Products with profits up to 250%.

    • Incentive campaigns

      Our company has a department of market intelligence and promotional, marketing department and active merchandising. The expectation is to improve communication with our customers since the market analysis to the monitoring of promotional activities open to all distributors. The idea of our incentive campaigns and actions of promotional marketing with distributors is to assist the trade marketing VANGARD BRAZIL COMSETICS to direct strategies and adjust our direction to leverage and achieve results targets set by the company during this period. Subsidy through goals achieved and awards for product sales are some of our ways worked.

    • Continuous training

      We know to make sure the success of our company is necessary to invest in our professionals. Therefore the VANGARD BRAZIL COSMETICS invests in information, creativity, innovation, motivation and over all in periodical training becoming professionals increasingly able to develop our business with true excellence, reaching new levels of quality demanded by the competitive market nowadays. The deal is go beyond, and only training may offer improvements in quality and productivity. Performance excellence, means progress for all involved.

Join our time

  • The VANGARD BRAZIL COSMETICS has a modern industrial park equipped with high standard of quality control. Capable of continuous supply of products and large production expansion capacity, plus the credibility of own brand name, by the way VANGARD administering. Since our launch, the VANGARD BRAZIL COSMETICS puts your entire network and professional people of character where you can trust, highly qualified and recognized competence.

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  • Excellent earnings

Ask questions

  • Why start with VANGARD?

    “Having an excellent customer service is the obligation, the differential is to keep them enthralled.” Paulo Eduardo Dubiel

    In broad expansion in the professional segment, the VANGARD BRAZIL COSMETICS is a company that is consolidated in the market through a boom with products renowned quality, visual innovator able to delight our customer, bringing the differential efficiency and quality compared to high quality of beauty market products nowadays in Brazil and abroad.

    Why do I change to VANGARD?

    “Every second is time to change everything forever.” Charles Chaplin

    Now is a opportunity to change for the better! Our company offers you a great opportunity in addition to excellence in professional beauty products that are revolutionizing the market around the world. Quality products, perfect look, very complete line meets all professional client, efficient campaigns, marketing plan, training, and more you will find at VANGARD BRAZIL COSMÉTICS, so do not waste time and start today to change your story.

    What warranty will I have as a distributor?

    “Intention without action is illusion. Dare to do and you will be given the power.”Lair Ribeiro

    Guarantee serious company that has trained to offer the necessary support at any time from purchase to delivery, Furthermore you will be surprised with products of assured quality,  products of excellent acceptance, constant operational monitoring, technical support for specialized professional, motivational technical courses, all products regularized and regulated under the rules of ANVISA, guarantee full exclusivity in the area, support events, brand visibility VANGARD BRAZIL COSMETICS on the biggest and best social networks and major events of the segment. 

  • I'm from another business

    “Leave sameness, look for a something new.” Júnior Lau

    No matter what your type of business, good business is one that gives you profit. Our opportunities are open to new distributors since you have the profile really want to get into the most promising market. Training and capacity building for those who do not know our business segment and really want to learn something new and promising.

    What will my profitability?

    “Ideas will not guarantee profit if it remain only ideas” W. Oldman

    All our business models brings the opportunity to reach compelling results, in our products you can enjoy a range of different ways of negotiating as a customer as payment term, among other satisfactory ways along to your customer, generating profits that exceed the margin of 250% upon a single product. Another way to success that will increase your income is to form a capable team, motivated and well trained staff that will certainly bring you satisfactory and customer results.

    How much must I spend?

    Be determined, above all things else, is the secret of success.” Henry Ford

    Before anything be decided is required, the second step is act over the decision. The initial investment depends where will be sale those products. We anticipate that the “kick off” should meet all of your network clients in your ​​exclusivity area. We know that professionals recognize our products for immediate results and the most cost effective of the Brazilian market, you will be assured of the capital return, increasing security and ensuring the success of your investment.

What else can we do for you join us?

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