Caviar D’Luxe Line

  • Caviar

    Composed of 23 to 26% amino acid and soluble protein, Caviar is a powerful restorative capillary structure. It has 16% to 18% lipids, essential for restoring the hydrolipidic mantle hair, which brings hydration and softness to hair. It is rich in vitamins A, D, E, B1, B2 e B6. The Vangard Brazil Cosmetics was the first to implement the technology and use this luxurious delicacy in beauty products. The Caviar D’Luxe line uses the pure extract of Beluga Caviar, found only in the Caspian Sea, bringing a unique differential technology and glamor at the service of beauty.

High Performance Treatment

CAVIAR D’LUXE is the most luxurious treatment ever developed by Vangard Brazil Cosmetics, consists of three essential and rare components:
The Caviar is rich in essential amino acids, protein, essential fatty acids, and trace elements iodine. These assets are capable of renewing the hair fiber, protecting the hair from external aggressions and deeply moisturize. Antioxidants elements caviar protect the hair from external aggressions, hydrating and softening the scalp.
The Amarula Oil is a result of African origin, rich in antioxidants (especially vitamin E), forming a protective film on the hairs, preventing the loss of moisture, preserving the hydrolipidic mantle.
The Nanoparticles sericin. The sericin is a protein found between the lines of the silk thread. It acts as a shield cement cuticle of the hair, giving hair unbelievable resistance wires. It acts as a shield cement cuticle of the hair, giving hair unbelievable resistance on hair strands.
When mixed, the ingredients become the most advanced formulation ever developed by Vangard Brazil Cosmetics. Alchemy, then, happens. It gives the deep hair treatment:
Hair trands nourished and deeply enriching reconstructed fiber providing an elementary matter “reborn fiber” effect.
The hair becomes soft and shiny and reunited a breath of youth.
Healthy and strong hair from the roots through a balanced and hydrated scalp.

Light or Absoluta?

For all hair types, a specific treatment.